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hew / рубить, высекать, разрубать
hack, cut, chop, cut down, hew, fell
carve, hew, strike, cut, chisel, hew out
hack, hew, rive, cut open
hew, trench
chop, cut, hew, hack, mince
chop or cut (something, especially wood) with an ax, pick, or other tool.
we have finished hauling and hewing timber
conform or adhere to.
some artists took photographs that hewed to more traditional ideas of art
(Department of) Health, Education, and Welfare.
His builders knew how to hew underground chambers without support, and they are still standing.
master carpenters would hew the logs with an axe
From then on, generations of disciples laboured with hand tools to hew giant temples, intricate statues and monasteries of up to three storeys.
his administration would hew to high ethical standards
He had no sooner set about the preliminaries - the getting of suitable marble for his work - than he began to quarrel with the men who were to hew it.
A girl is regarded as grown up when she can cultivate food gardens, hew wood, carry water, and look after her family and family members even when her mother is absent.
A Memorial is being created to Second World War resistance fighters who helped Allied servicemen escape from the Nazis into neutral Spain - hewn out of rock from the same mountains they had to cross to make their getaway.
In January 1504 half of the remaining crew mutinied and departed for Hispaniola, attempting to make the hundred-mile passage in canoes hewn from local timber.
Rising vertically from the plains, some of these huge monoliths soar to a height of 400 metres, and the squat buildings on top of each appear to be hewn out of living rock.
We then descended 140 metres to the pit bottom and entered roadways hewn out of the rock more than 100 years ago.