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heuristic / эвристический
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.
a “hands-on” or interactive heuristic approach to learning
имя существительное
a heuristic process or method.
It should be pointed out that this process is a heuristic .
Social proof is a heuristic by which we ‘view a behavior as correct in a given situation to the degree to which we see others performing it.’
However, this historical fallacy does not, perhaps, detract from its heuristic usefulness.
Yet regardless of such formalist elisions, this essay remains enlightening precisely for its heuristic clarity.
On the other hand, when I was reading ‘Process and Reality’, I was puzzled by what its epistemological implications were supposed to be, given its overall heuristic intent.
Where he does develop the first attitude, here and elsewhere in his theology, Christian doctrines are heuristic devices, to be held ‘in principle.’
The connectedness requirement is, of course, merely a heuristic that might not result in the intended model.
Although spatial intuition or observation remains the source of the axioms of Euclidean geometry, in Hilbert's writing the role of intuition and observation is explicitly limited to motivation and is heuristic .
The appeal of this model lies in its simplicity, logic and heuristic potential (ability to aid discovery).
The larger issue here (and it's an issue which arises from the whole genre of literary biography as it is often currently practised) is the heuristic poverty of biographical explanations of works of art.
Other iterative heuristic rules that have been commonly used include the prioritization of sites by the rarity of the surrogates present in them.