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heterogeneous / гетерогенный, неоднородный, разнородный
имя прилагательное
heterogeneous, patchy, variegated, impure, spotty
heterogeneous, dissimilar, promiscuous, mixed, medley, manifold
имя прилагательное
diverse in character or content.
a large and heterogeneous collection
Surrounding these core units was a heterogeneous coalition as diverse in their loyalties as they were in their equipment, training, and combat capabilities.
The population is heterogeneous and cosmopolitan to a degree almost unknown elsewhere.
My research interests are organic chemistry mechanisms, organometallic chemistry, and heterogeneous catalysis.
Since the variances in shell growth rate were heterogeneous , the data were square-root transformed before analysis to make variances homogeneous.
This study has limitations, including the small, heterogeneous population and data collection at a single site.
Abstract Sickle hemoglobin nucleation occurs in solution as a homogeneous process or on existing polymers in a heterogeneous process.
However, in a heterogeneous habitat diverse elements may influence movement.
Clayton's proposed methodology for cultural studies serves as a wide umbrella for a heterogeneous collection of individual essays.
Collectively, Antarctic studies have painted a picture of a biologically diverse and heterogeneous marine environment.
To be prepared to teach all children in the schools of today and tomorrow, teachers must have an understanding of the diversity present in heterogeneous classrooms.