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hetero / гетеросексуальный
имя прилагательное
heterosexual, straight, hetero
other; different.
People are already freaked-out enough about hetero sex.
As if hetero couples and hetero sex isn't shoved in our faces on every street corner, in every GU clinic, at the doctors surgery, in our parental homes etc etc etc.
What do you think about the fact that you probably have as many gay male fans as you do hetero female ones?
An up-and-coming lesbian singer tells how she and her hetero band mate make music for everybody's ears
At first, the mixed crowd appeared mostly hetero , and it took some gaydar adjustment to detect the hot femme look that predominates in much of lesbian Latin America.
I'm a hetero college male and I recently started dating a hetero college female.
It doesn't matter if you're hetero or homo or bi: people are still the same, and people can still betray your feelings and leave you crying in the darkness.
Apart from that, he shares just about all my interests, he's single, he's hetero , he's looking not to be single, and he's rich.
Many young gay men now take advantage of the relaxed attitude and cruise hetero clubs like Pravda and Rex to pick up straight guys.
Being a hetero , white, U.S.-born female, it's easy for me to trust that the world gets who I am even if advertising does not.