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Транскрипция и произношение слова "hesitate" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

hesitate / стесняться, колебаться, не решаться
hesitate, scruple
hesitate, fluctuate, sway, oscillate, vibrate, hover
не решаться
hesitate, hover, hang back, nibble, scruple
hesitate, become thoughtful
stammer, stumble, falter, stutter, hesitate, hem
pause before saying or doing something, especially through uncertainty.
she hesitated, unsure of what to say
They discovered that men are almost twice a likely as women to pause or hesitate when talking.
There was no reason to hesitate or delay the implementation of the election pledges.
Should any further questions in this regard arise, please do not hesitate to contact the writer.
If you would like to donate money or material please do not hesitate to contact Tommy at his home address.
So long as we're here they may hesitate to act, thinking that we might get hurt.
All of the swimmers will be sponsored and if you are asked to chip a few euro into the kitty then please don't hesitate to do so.
I realize it may be a delicate subject but I hesitate to ask.
We hesitate to act because we're frightened by his threats.
If you have any further questions about the code of practice, please don't hesitate to ask.
Why then do I hesitate to recommend it?