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herzegovina / герцеговина
имя существительное
a region in the Balkans that forms the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is separated from the Adriatic Sea by part of Croatia. Its chief town is Mostar.
Nor is this practice confined to Herzegovinians , for nearly every Austrian officer I met here wore a fetish - which he would probably have scorned to do at home.
On Sunday 20 November over 700 mainly Bosnian- Herzegovinian visitors to the museum were greeted by a striking display of rugs and a hub of activity at surrounding community information stalls.
The Bosnians and Herzegovinians include large minorities of Moslems and Catholics, and the latter are particularly numerous in Dalmatia.
The international popularity of such performers as Mostar Sevdah Reunion has given Bosnian and Herzegovinian music a remarkable status among the audience of world music.
There is a thing, in text, that could cause some problems to visitors: Calling Herzegovinians as Bosnians is extremely offensive.
Bosnians and Herzegovinians like to taste their way through a menu, and it is an old restaurant practice to serve small amounts of six or more different, but complementary, dishes arranged side by side on a plate.
In fact, more than half the Bosnian and Herzegovinian female population lives without any kind of health insurance.
Bosnian and Herzegovinian American Community Center serves refugees from the Former Yugoslavia as well as members of a multiethnic community of Chicago.
After 1966 the western Herzegovinians became masters in their own house, but this did not lead to political liberalization and an end to the pursuit of ghosts from the past.
This includes helping displaced Bosnians and Herzegovinians move back and reclaim their possessions; assisting with institutional reform; and co-operating with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.