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hertz / герц
имя существительное
имя существительное
the SI unit of frequency, equal to one cycle per second.
Frequencies of hundreds of megahertz were selected with a resolution of just a few hertz , while the magnetic field had to be homogeneous to within one part in a billion.
I compose on synths, I perform with them; sometimes I watch a sunset with an 80- hertz sawtooth wave humming in the background.
The answer, Zuckerwar explains, is that each one generates silent infrasound - long sound waves at a frequency below 20 hertz .
And he actually employed a 27 hertz frequency through the first part of the film to induce unease.
The sounds and charges transmit in the low frequency range of 20 hertz , which is barely audible to the human ear.
Different frequencies, measured in hertz , or cycles per second, indicate different levels and types of activities.
Most pneumatic isolators operate effectively above several hertz , but at their natural frequency they actually provide some amplification.
At the moment, for example, the two neutron stars in the Hulse-Taylor binary are emitting gravity waves at a frequency of 10-4 hertz as they circle one another every eight hours.
When he measured the infrasound in the laboratory, the showing was 18.98 hertz - the exact frequency at which a human eyeball starts resonating.
We see frequencies of hundreds of hertz , or hundreds of revolutions of the disk per second.
At random times the program changed the dot's frequency up or down by up to a few tenths of a hertz .