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herself / себя, себе, сама
himself, yourself, themselves, itself, myself, herself
himself, yourself, itself, themselves, myself, herself
itself, herself, thyself
самой себя
used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to a female person or animal previously mentioned as the subject of the clause.
she had to defend herself
she or her personally (used to emphasize a particular female person or animal mentioned).
she told me herself
She also did a night shift on one of the wings and had to raise the alarm after a prisoner tried to harm herself .
She smiles when Mamaji screeches at her to cover herself up and tie back her hair.
Sara said she loved going to Yearsley herself once a week when a volunteer sat with Ethan.
she thought of nobody except herself
she was pleased with herself
as she was dressing herself
Randall herself goes on to tell me students of hers often make the same comparison.
So it is for each defendant himself or herself to decide whether to answer or not.
she looked at herself in the mirror
it'd be herself who'd start it