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hers / ее, свой, принадлежащий ей
its, her, hers
its, his, their, my, her, hers
принадлежащий ей
its, hers, her
used to refer to a thing or things belonging to or associated with a female person or animal previously mentioned.
his eyes met hers
the choice was hers
My legs could not keep up with hers despite me having some leeway on the rope.
Just as his lips were about to meet hers , she turned her face to the side and the kiss landed on her cheek.
I'm afraid that in my case the reasons are not as connected to world history as they are in hers .
Dominic smiled and said he'd love to meet any friend of hers , but inside his heart was dying.
The money would be hers , even if his heart would never belong to her again, Kiki vowed.
His eyes met hers , but she got the feeling that he wasn't looking at her, but past her at the wall.
we went round to hers
What she then decided to do is what sets her story apart from so many others like hers .
Well, the only way I know is to make sure you keep busy in your field and she is busy in hers .