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herringbone / елочка, вышивка елочкой, рисунок 'в елочку'
имя существительное
herringbone, small fir
вышивка елочкой
рисунок 'в елочку'
кладка кирпича 'в елку'
имя прилагательное
в елочку
имеющий вид шеврона
имя существительное
an arrangement or design consisting of columns of short parallel lines, with all the lines in one column sloping one way and all the lines in the next column sloping the other way so as to resemble the bones in a fish, used especially in the weave of cloth or the placing of bricks.
a brown wool herringbone jacket
a method of ascending a slope by walking forward in alternate steps with each ski angled outward.
Ski instruction, taught to officers by civilians, included herringbone climbing, kick turns, pole-jumping over logs and snowplows.
mark with a herringbone pattern.
Some of the walls were herringboned with neat chisel marks from the old days, beautiful under the flashlight's beam.
ascend a slope using the herringbone technique.
we learned how to herringbone up the hills and swoosh down them
When the hill gets too steep, the snow too deep, or the herringbone too tiring, it is time to side step.
we learned how to herringbone up the hills and swoosh down them
Scandatex is made from glass, woven into hessian or herringbone meshes.
To achieve a mod herringbone pattern, three panels of diagonal white and black stripes are pieced together for this 5x8-foot Sedona rug from Colonial Hills.
And look to menswear-inspired tweeds, checks and herringbone patterns for added panache.
The herringbone uses the edges of the ski to grip the snow when the wax or waxless pattern is inadequate to the job.
Steep narrow hills, barely wide enough to herringbone , were followed by quick descents onto icy lakes.
Giving up on V-1, I resorted to a herringbone climb.
The veins look like most deciduous trees - there's a middle straight vein and subdividing branches that interlock (unlike the herringbone banana leaves).
A line of skiers stretches forever as they herringbone toward the heavens.