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herring / сельдь, селедка
имя существительное
herring, aleck, alec
имя существительное
a silvery fish that is most abundant in coastal waters and is of great commercial importance as a food fish in many parts of the world.
Like anchovies and herrings , they are small, primitive fish belonging to the group known as clupeoids.
herring fillet
Forget salmon, the herring is the sea king for these oceanically compromised times.
herring fishing
Whales and dolphins have followed the herring and sprat shoals into the harbour.
These fatty acids are found in oily fish such as herring , mackerel, sardines, salmon and trout.
When a humpback is corralling herring and other fishes, the net may be 150 feet wide.
The pier, which has been disused for many years, was built during the herring fishing boom in the early 1900s.
The bulk of the diet of large congers is made up of small fish, from cod and hake in deep water to mackerel and herring in shallow water.
A classic Japanese cooking technique, therefore, is to simmer strong fish such as herring and mackerel in sake.
The growth of the herring fishing industry in the 19th century put the Broch firmly on the map.