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heron / цапля
имя существительное
heron, wader, hern
имя существительное
a large fish-eating wading bird with long legs, a long S-shaped neck, and a long pointed bill.
The Cattle Egret is a small heron , usually found near grazing mammals.
On cold windy mornings, the heron folded its neck, hunched into itself and faced the wind.
Kingfisher, heron and little grebe are also now a common sight.
The birdlife is extremely rich here, and you can expect to see rarities such as the goliath heron, the largest heron in the world.
Eventually, a female Wood Duck swam along and spooked the heron , so we moved along.
It was one of the trees that often allowed a heron or egret a perch during the summer, but they were all gone now.
The Cattle Egret is a small heron , usually found near grazing mammals.
Continue to the head of the loch, whose muddy shore provides a fine habitat for wading birds and where herons are often stationed at intervals, patiently waiting to catch their prey.
Most important, these islands are home to the herons for which the tour was named.
Unlike most herons , the Green Heron does not typically nest in large colonies.
This stately bird is the largest and most widely distributed of the North American herons .