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heroism / героизм, геройство, доблесть
имя существительное
valor, prowess, heroism, valiance, valiancy, doughtiness
имя существительное
great bravery.
The heroism of the police is recognized by the coalition in medal ceremonies like this.
The presence of two Maori and three women in this book confirm that heroism is independent of race and gender.
they fought with exemplary heroism
The famed leading officer earned the VC for various different acts of heroism , rather than one single act.
Tales of such heroism and sacrifice are common to all cultures of course.
He himself didn't find out about his dad's heroism until years later, when he read the story in a newspaper article.
The story contrasts Asian and western concepts relating suicide and heroism .
The heroism displayed was of an extraordinary nature, and obviously great damage was done to the German war effort.
One thing about his father is that he neither wanted nor accepted heroism as a birth right.
There were periods of real heroism as Scotland tried to speed the game up, Gordon Simpson deciding to run a quick one at the outset.
So I'm not surprised that she can't enjoy her own heroism and wrestles with enormous survivor guilt.