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heroine / героиня, главное действующее лицо
имя существительное
главное действующее лицо
protagonist, hero, heroine
имя существительное
a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
she was the heroine of a materialist generation
If by the hero of a novel means one the character not who commands the most interest but who best represents the author's values, Dolly is the heroine .
My heroine - a middle-aged female detective - lives in Marchmont and is a bit of a non-conformist loner.
she was the heroine of a materialist generation
Dormant until today, the Olympic tennis stadium suddenly erupted when the Greek heroine came from a set down to gain momentum in the second session.
The magician circles, chanting as she goes, faster and faster until finally our heroine trips over her own feet and lands on the floor.
Like a mythological heroine who makes a terrifying journey to the underworld and returns with a valuable prize, Turke feels she has been given a gift.
In a changed political climate, and with like-minded women unable to defend her publicly, a feminist heroine , it turned out, was a very expendable creature.
The heroine of his Ephesian Tale, Anthia, is introduced dressed as Artemis in a procession where all can behold her beauty.
And what was funny is that my younger sister saw me a little as a heroine , she always looked to me as this free person.
In China, the goddess Guanyin is also a heroine who dies and returns from the Underworld where she demonstrates her powers.