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hero / герой, богатырь, полубог
имя существительное
hero, character, worthy
demigod, hero
главное действующее лицо
protagonist, hero, heroine
имя существительное
a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
a war hero
имя существительное
a priestess of Aphrodite at Sestos on the European shore of the Hellespont, whose lover Leander, a youth of Abydos on the opposite shore, swam the strait nightly to visit her. One stormy night he was drowned, and Hero in grief threw herself into the sea.
( 1st century ) , Greek mathematician and inventor; known as Hero of Alexandria . He described a number of hydraulic, pneumatic, and other mechanical devices, including elementary applications of the power of steam.
She's as strong and likable a female character as Davy is a male hero , making this a perfect bookend to book one.
The hero of the first novel, Benjamin Trotter, longs for his first love.
the hero of Kipling's story
The second concerns the Nibelung myth, which relates the story of the Germanic hero Siegfried.
The least likely but most fascinating Republican candidate would be action hero turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Bridgette and Francoise concentrated their energy on admiring their current hero .
The search is on to find an unsung sporting hero in Dulwich.
a war hero
Ask about this, as commercial mozzarella adds a rubbery texture and no flavor to a hero .
She never dreamed that she would be a decorated war hero .