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hermetic / герметический, плотно закрытый
имя прилагательное
hermetic, airtight, sealed, airproof, pressurized, watertight
плотно закрытый
tightly closed, hermetic
имя существительное
alchemist, hermetic
имя прилагательное
(of a seal or closure) complete and airtight.
a hermetic seal that ensures perfect waterproofing
of or relating to an ancient occult tradition encompassing alchemy, astrology, and theosophy.
After she resurrects him Isis performs a sexual act, impregnating herself with new life, their hawk headed son Horus, who in alchemy and Hermetic tradition appears to be identified as a Christ-anointed one.
The metallization allows the fiber to be soldered to the ferrule, which in turn can be brazed to the side of the package for a hermetic seal.
Soon a strong smell penetrated the cabin - the rubber gaskets of the hermetic seal of the hatch were burning.
What worries me is that the designed world might become so hermetic and the signifiers of functionality so appropriated that the opportunity for that fascination never arises.
Wright was, in a sense, adding apocryphal books to his own hermetic scripture with each poem.
The pack's hermetic seal prevents further contamination.
The sense of heritage, of important but often barely visible poetic traditions, becomes almost theological in the depth of assumed knowledges, and hermetic in its collectivity.
It is also likely, as period accounts proposed, that the unusually tight hermetic seal of the four coffins and outer masonry helped to preserve the remains.
The three bands each made fans outside the genre's hermetic ghetto by embracing a world outside their laptops.
Nostalgic in the way trains journeys are, Nothing Down-To-Earth seems hermetic to any interaction with the outside world, retreating instead in the closeted comfort of Beullac's imaginary world.
NBC equipment includes a filter ventilation unit as well as hermetic sealing.