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heritage / наследие, наследство
имя существительное
heritage, legacy, inheritance, patrimony, heirloom, hangover
inheritance, heritage, legacy, patrimony, bequest, residue
имя существительное
property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance.
For the pluralistic West, universal access to heritage is an individual right.
a special or individual possession; an allotted portion.
This is your heritage as a baptized Christian, and it is something the Father longs to do for you.
Investors interested in Bulgaria can see offers in mountain and seaside resorts, as well as towns with a rich cultural and historical heritage .
What binds the group together is a common Jewish heritage as passed down from generation to generation.
Some of those old heritage varieties can still be found in seed catalogs.
a sense of history and heritage
60 miles of heritage coastline
Steam is an award-winning, much loved attraction that celebrates our railway heritage .
The most reliable shrub roses for fragrance are the old and heritage roses such as those bred by David Austin.
The logistics of buses and tour guides in each area is still being sorted out but the idea is rolling out with enthusiasts in each town planting heritage roses around tourism sites.
History is necessary to instil patriotism and pride in the younger generation about the cultural heritage , values systems and religions, she says.
They are constructing around existing old-growth trees and heritage plants.