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herewith / при этом, настоящим, при сем
при этом
hereby, herewith
при сем
herewith, herein, hereby
посредством этого
with this letter.
I send you herewith fifteen dollars
Just for the heck of it (and to see if anyone understands this) - herewith the only Afrikaans poem I've ever written, short and sweet.
Gentlemen, herewith I enclose a list of some of the churches built with Hummelstown brownstone throughout, furnished by the Hummelstown Brownstone Company within 20 years, and most of them within the last 6 years.
I draw you attention to a letter dated July 9, 1998, sent to you by Dr. C. T. Kurien, Editor, Review of Development and Change, a copy of which is enclosed herewith .
At long last, No Matter What You Heard has reviewed the year in music and herewith presents to you, dear reader, its Top 10 albums of 2002.
True copies of all of the said documents are produced and shown to me and are exhibited herewith in a bundle marked KDA 1.
A copy of the letter sent by facsimile transmission to Ms Leighton is enclosed herewith for your information.
I am herewith sending you the course material for your information.
What I am sending herewith must be final draft for now, everything presses on ahead.
Oddly enough, a book titled Mountains of the Mind by Robert Macfarlane was recently published, reminding me of this old essay, herewith presented from the dusty stacks.
Further to my telephone conversation with John Martin yesterday afternoon, I enclose herewith a copy of the relevant section of our Agreement in respect of works at Churchill Gardens Estate.