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heretic / еретик
имя существительное
heretic, miscreant, misbeliever
имя прилагательное
heretical, heretic, heterodox, miscreant
имя существительное
a person believing in or practicing religious heresy.
It clearly would cover any incitement of hatred by the religious against its heretics , apostates, or members of other faiths.
Galileo was forced to repudiate his scientific knowledge lest he be declared a heretic by the official church.
He was called a heretic and a rebel, but one who transformed his rebellion into art.
He was also an ardent heretic and freethinker, maybe an out-and-out atheist, and a vocal defender of the ideas of Charles Darwin.
Exploring the details of Farmer's life, however, reveals that she is, in a sense, not only the Lost Atheist, but also a feminist, a heretic , a social radical.
It is odd - odd in the extreme - that Barns, the iconoclast, the heretic , uncritically accepts the myths surrounding the birth of the Liberal Party propagated by the elders of the tribe.
Bretz was called a dunce and a heretic , but over time his work became widely accepted.
If the teacher is a leader, he must also be a sentry - a heretic to criticize the fools who would cast his pupils back into the dark ignorance they had just escaped.
Pooh-Bah's remark that he had evolved ‘from a globule of primordial protoplasm’ is even said to have ignited a popular interest in biology and the theories of Darwin, who had until then been rejected as a flaky heretic .
They sought regeneration - a regeneration we can liken to that of the medieval heretic or saint.
Declared a heretic by the Pope he was banished from Rome and subsequently vanished, presumed murdered.