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hereinafter / в дальнейшем, ниже
в дальнейшем
in the future, hereinafter, subsequently, later on, henceforth, below
below, lower, under, beneath, hereinafter, hereafter
further on in this document.
grievous bodily harm (hereinafter GBH)
Shipowners and salvors, as hereinafter defined, may limit their liability in accordance with the rules of this Convention for claims set out in Article 2.
Subject to the preceding sections of this Act and as hereinafter provided, actions shall and may be commenced within the time herein expressed after the cause of such actions.
I shall deal with such submission hereinafter .
The following actions shall be commenced within and not after the times respectively hereinafter mentioned.
The subscribers to the Memorandum of Association and such other persons as the Council shall admit to membership in accordance with the provisions hereinafter contained shall be members of the Company.
The Legislative Assembly shall consist of… members, who shall be elected for the several electoral districts hereinafter named and defined.
Improvement Works wishes the Contractor to complete the design of and to execute and complete the Works (as hereinafter defined).
Any loss other than a total loss, as hereinafter defined, is a partial loss.