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herein / здесь, в этом, при сем
here, there, herein, therein, at this point, in these parts
в этом
in it, therein, herein
при сем
herewith, herein, hereby
in this document or book.
the author herein recounts his travel adventures
But herein lies the paradox: need reveals the contingency of combined love and desire.
Anyway, while we go to great lengths to strive for the accuracy of the information presented herein , mistakes will inevitably occur.
And herein lies the greatest disappointment facing prospective Vantage owners: trying to get their hands on one.
However, the authors are solely responsible for the opinions expressed herein .
And herein lies the paradox, and possibly the geishas' demise.
The results presented herein represent the conclusions and opinions of the authors.
The year in question is October 2001 to 2002, and every news item the Onion ever published between those dates is contained herein .
That leaves one position up for grabs, herein lies the tale.
Nothing herein is intended to interfere with any legitimate law enforcement investigation.
Taxon names reported herein are consistent with the USDA-ARS National Genetic Resources Information Network.