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heredity / наследственность
имя существительное
heredity, inheritance, strain
имя существительное
the passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another.
few scientists dispute that heredity can create a susceptibility to alcoholism
inheritance of title, office, or right.
membership is largely based on heredity
The social position of each individual is fixed by heredity and not by personal qualifications and material considerations.
But this doctrine that souls are acquired by heredity carried more physical implications than at least some Platonists could feel at ease with.
Mohawk may have overstated the case for Native democracy, since heredity played a major role in office-holding in many Indian societies.
The units of heredity , or genes, are DNA sequences that code for the synthesis of proteins.
Billed as ‘an animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity ,’ the site is also a wonderful place to learn about the men and women who made the key discoveries.
His view is simple: all real power must stay in the Commons - a laudable idea when the second chamber is a mix of heredity and appointment, but indefensible where it is democratically elected.
he wears a Cossack tunic to emphasize his Russian heredity
Some of the factors influencing heart disease are high fat diets, cigarette smoking, lack of exercise, stress, not controlling diabetes or high blood pressure, obesity and heredity .
membership is largely based on heredity
So, thousands of years before Gregor Mendel postulated his theories on genetics and heredity , indigenous Americans were breeding corn to select for desirable traits.