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hereby / настоящим, таким образом, сим
hereby, herewith
таким образом
thus, so, thereby, in this way, like this, hereby
при сем
herewith, herein, hereby
as a result of this document or utterance.
the Port Authority hereby solicits proposals from developers
If anyone is taking nominations for the Prince of Procrastination, I hereby humbly submit myself to the competition.
By way of protest, I hereby offer to anyone who wants it my assistance in setting up a Blogspot Blog.
Boris… I, too, hereby announce my complete refusal to play ball with this ID card nonsense.
I'm hereby resolving to go sew up the tiny tear as soon as I'm finished with this, in hopes that you'll do the same.
all such warranties are hereby excluded
It's time for a policy of containment, which I hereby revise to include a blockade.
I hereby witness the signing of this document by the above named in my presence.
I hereby make a vow, not to cheat, but to win quizzes here on in on my wit and intelligence alone, forbearing all use of my fox-like cunning.
the Port Authority hereby solicits proposals from developers
Fans of Sandover are hereby challenged to show how parts two and three don't fit these patterns.