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hereafter / ниже, в будущем, дальше
below, lower, under, beneath, hereinafter, hereafter
в будущем
in the future, for the future, hereafter, in days to come, in after years
further, farther, next, beyond, forward, hereafter
then, after, next, further, hereafter, since
в потустороннем мире
имя существительное
future, tomorrow, futurity, hereafter, times to come, aftertime
потусторонний мир
future, hereafter
from now on.
nothing I say hereafter is intended to relate to the second decision
имя существительное
life after death.
suffering is part of our preparation for the hereafter
If hereafter I go to other courts in Germany or in any other part of Europe, something of this sort is necessary as a court dress.
The collections of the Museum, particularly those in the Bronze Gallery, will hereafter be in a new kind of showcase, and an audio-visual room with a multi-media projector will be set up.
In such cases, as the falling inflection is required in the former part by the principle of contrast and emphasis (as will hereafter be more fully explained), the sentence necessarily closes with the rising inflection.
Cleric Roy himself before he was arrested was not contesting the core tenets of Islam - the belief in one God and fate, the Prophet Muhammad, shalat, and faith in the hereafter .
So, given these poor ratios, how can students realistically receive decent instruction in those subjects, let alone a balanced view of the demands of life in this world and those of life in the hereafter ?
The political task at the moment is to reflect on how this God-given agency can be best employed in creating a society that will bring welfare and the good life to people in the here and now and in the hereafter .
nothing I say hereafter is intended to relate to the second decision
Each year hereafter , I hope to make it more and more believable.
The poem is a reaction to a conversation with a friend about life, death, the hereafter .
What characterises it is the fact that strong or weak, saints or sinners, the members believe in God, and look to the death and resurrection of Christ for their help here and hereafter .