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here / здесь, сюда, тут
here, there, herein, therein, at this point, in these parts
here, hither, this way, hitherward, hitherwards
here, there, at this point, near at hand
имя существительное
настоящее место
in, at, or to this place or position.
they have lived here most of their lives
used when introducing something or someone.
here's a dish that is simple and quick to make
used when indicating a time, point, or situation that has arrived or is happening.
here is your opportunity
used to attract someone's attention.
here, let me hold it
indicating one's presence in a roll call.
Then his face got all twisted up, and before he even uttered another word, I shouted here , and went to get my paper.
here, take this
Yes, the wave of the future is here my friends, and it's sure to bring on a new era of gaming for us all.
here is my address
Summer is nearly here , and a local theatre group are preparing to hit the road and take advantage of the good weather.
they live here
here in the hotel
it's three miles from here
Our thanks to Ernie Evans for this story and here is a picture of his grandfather with a new Skippy!
here it is, in my bag!
here we encounter the main problem