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herdsman / пастух, скотовод
имя существительное
shepherd, herdsman, cowherd, goatherd, cowboy, herd
cattleman, herdsman, cattle breeder, grazier, stockman
имя существительное
the owner or keeper of a herd of domesticated animals.
It is at this time that our farmers, growers, herdsmen and stockmen are really suffering the pressure of economic damage due to foot-and-mouth disease and other market factors.
Ron Turner, 55, from Long Marston, near York, has worked as a herdsman looking after dairy cattle for the last 40 years.
Along the way he challenges traditional interpretations about the role and scope of southern herdsmen and their herds.
This has been the approach taken by slash and burn agricultural communities in the tropical forests, cattle herdsmen in regions of Africa, and many international timber companies.
In his three paintings of herdsmen and cattle at Dulwich, a moist swirl of twilight, suspended over the low horizon, permeates the mild marshy pastures and caresses the slack flanks of the grazing animals.
If ever there is a place to grasp the climatic and environmental changes in China, it is not out on the vast plains, where herdsmen and farmers battle over dwindling water resources and tillable land.
Indeed, there was little need for the vast majority of them, whether merchants, farmers, or herdsmen , to know how to read or write.
The ethnic-religious texture of the conflict is exacerbated by competition between Arab herdsmen and ethnic African farmers for water and forage.
He argues that access to the legal system for lawyers, judges, district attorneys offices, and others, can result in over-consumption in the same way that cattle can overgraze grazing land when many herdsmen have access to it.
It is a land of endless bush, villages, nomadic cattle herdsmen and subsistence farmers.
The true citizens of Alin were mostly farmers and herdsmen .