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herder / пастух
shepherd, cattleman, herdsman
  • red herder - красный пастух
  • local herders - местные чабаны
имя существительное
a person who looks after a herd of livestock or makes a living from keeping livestock, especially in open country.
The species is desired by nomadic livestock herders for harvesting.
Thanks to the Fulani cattle herders , fresh milk and yogurt are common even though there may not be refrigeration.
The species is desired by nomadic livestock herders for harvesting.
These herders move their livestock over long distances in search of grass.
They were sheep and cattle herders in the main with some measure of agricultural development.
Of the country's two and a half million people, nearly half remain nomadic livestock herders .
When the system was broken up and the national herd divided between herders who had worked in the communities, no one took up these responsibilities.
Nomadic herders divide their herds into two parts - lactating and non-lactating - in times of stress.
Big Brent assigned night herders to watch the herd.
The tenants-at-will were the tillers of the soil and herders of cattle.
Most Mauritanians work as farmers, cattle herders , or traders.