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herbivore / травоядное
имя существительное
an animal that feeds on plants.
This includes both carnivores such as wolves, which eat other animals, and herbivores such as cows, which eat plants.
The previously discussed benefits of large size to a mammalian herbivore probably also accrued to large herbivorous dinosaurs.
Animals can obtain their phosphorus directly form the plants if the animal is a herbivore .
The longer herbivore gut is necessary because plant material is more difficult to digest than animal material.
Also known as a ‘parrot lizard’ for its parrotlike beak, the herbivore was a strong, agile dinosaur that walked on its two hind legs.
predatory carnivores and their herbivore prey
Numerous ecological studies have demonstrated that attack by herbivores can reduce plant fitness.
The natural world requires a balance of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores .
Biomass of herbivores and predators may also reflect resource levels and plant biomass.
Any sensible person could see that it could not be healthy to feed sheep remains to herbivores such as cows.
These animals are herbivores , specializing on the flowers of creosote bushes.