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herbicide / гербицид
имя существительное
имя существительное
a substance that is toxic to plants and is used to destroy unwanted vegetation.
The non-atrazine herbicides were at least as effective as the atrazine herbicides .
Atrazine is an herbicide widely used to control weeds in Midwest corn and soybean fields.
farmers sprayed a protected wildflower meadow with herbicide
Growers should read and understand the labels on herbicides and other pesticides they use.
Preplant incorporated herbicides are incorporated into the soil prior to planting.
If there is anything we can do that will reduce the use of pesticides or herbicides , it will be good for agriculture.
Popular herbicides like atrazine and alachlor just didn't show up at the levels expected.
So the herbicides had to go - and winter annual cover crops can be killed mechanically.
Today billions of dollars are spent in pesticides, fungicides and herbicides .
Do not count on postemergence herbicides to control weeds that have already emerged at planting.
Apply herbicides when plants are in the rosette stage and prior to bolting.