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herbalist / травник, знаток трав, торговец лечебными травами
имя существительное
herbalist, redshank
знаток трав
торговец лечебными травами
лекарь, врачующий травами
имя существительное
a practitioner of herbalism.
Throughout the century, homeopathists, herbalists , practitioners of electro-magnetism, and other unorthodox healers continued to attract patients and test the reach of the law.
Lawrence Hool, 55, owner of Hool's herbalist stall in the Market Hall, said it would be a ‘devastating blow for Bolton’ if the plans were approved.
My name's Nancy Beckham, and I've been a practising herbalist and naturopath for about 25 years.
The herbalist John Gerard said it is ‘white, moist, and tough, serving very well for ropes, traces, and halters’.
You may also want to consider seeking the advice of an herbalist , naturopath or other natural health practitioner.
Ryan Drum, PHD has been a professional wildcrafter, herbal educator, and practicing medical herbalist for over 20 years after a successful career as an academic research scientist.
‘You can't start isolating compounds from foods and treating them as drugs,’ says Brigitte Mars, herbalist and author of ‘Natural First Aid.’
Another way to help you get to the root of the problem is to find a qualified homeopath or medical herbalist .
After my first year practicing as a medical herbalist I sent a questionnaire to all my patients to audit the result of my treatments, of which 70% replied.
Anyone can set up as an equine herbalist , physiotherapist, aromatherapist or nutritionist.
Poke into an herbalist 's shop, a bustling food market, and a traditional lei stand, and begin to distinguish the heady perfume of flowers from tuberose and ginger.