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herbal / травяной
имя прилагательное
herbal, grassy, herbaceous
имя прилагательное
relating to or made from herbs, especially those used in cooking and medicine.
herbal remedies
имя существительное
a book that describes herbs and their culinary and medicinal properties.
Varro E. Tyler became dismayed by the proliferation of ‘inaccurate and deceptive information’ and wrote the first edition of The Honest Herbal in 1982 for the general public.
Atkinson started out as a practitioner and her main motivation is still to promote herbal medicine and make it accessible to all.
herbal remedy
Trials of many Chinese herbal medicines for the treatment of HIV infection and cancer are currently under way.
Even though herbal medicines are not devoid of risk, they could still be safer than synthetic drugs.
Some traditional medical practitioners use herbal medicines and set broken bones.
He believes more and more people are turning to homeopathy, herbal medicine, and other therapies.
A hospital from Beijing bought three tons of herbal medicines mentioned by the experts.
He had not taken any over the counter preparations or herbal medicines, and he had been taking his drugs correctly.
No good evidence shows that homoeopathic or herbal remedies have any beneficial effect.
There is no scientific data to support the effects or actions of herbal therapy.