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herbage / травы, травяной покров, право пастбища
имя существительное
травяной покров
право пастбища
имя существительное
herbaceous vegetation.
This side of the city was green with small trees, herbage , and bushes.
Last summer, under a cooperative research and development agreement with industry, a group of machines was used in the first fieldside demonstration of wet fractionation of soybean herbage .
The herbage was allowed to wilt for approximately 48 hours and was then chopped with a forage harvester and conserved.
He slowly followed the road away from the town, past the olives, under which purple anemones were drooping in the chill of dawn, and rich-green herbage was pressing thick.
Modern pastures are deficient in many varieties of essential herbage .
In the meantime there is the best germination of winter herbage that I have seen for the last 20 years.
Crude protein levels range from 15 to 25 percent in the herbage and 8 to 15 percent in the roots, depending on nitrogen fertilization rate and weather conditions.
Evolution of large size was a prerequisite for the exploitation of leaves because of the need for a longer residence time in the gut for bacterial fermentation to obtain sufficient nutrients from foliage and herbage .
The strips of green herbage and forest-land, which have here and there escaped the burning lavas, serve, by contrast, to heighten the desolation of the scene.
the herbage of this area produces the milk necessary to make a fine cheese
In the steady retirement climate, almost any herbage can be trained up a wall to obscure a building.