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heraldry / геральдика, гербоведение
имя существительное
heraldry, armory, blazonry, armoury
имя существительное
the system by which coats of arms and other armorial bearings are devised, described, and regulated.
The colour of blue on the flag is ‘argent’ as described in heraldry .
the use of the rose in heraldry
Certainly, heraldry was known and studied in America at the time of the Revolution, as is indicated by the relatively large number of surviving silver and ceramic pieces with heraldic devices on them.
At the Milanese court, Leonardo witnessed the use of visual puns in heraldry for Ludovico Sforza, Beatrice d' Este, and her sister, Isabella.
The pomegranate was part of Catherine of Aragon's coat of arms and was accepted into English heraldry when she married King Henry VIII in 1509.
Little did we know when we started this project how engrossed we would become in the biblical stories, the angels and archangels, the lives of the saints and the history and heraldry of the people of Westbury.
That the work may be a student's first introduction to parts of Renaissance culture, including heraldry , however, makes it even more the duty of a scholar - and of a university press - to get the facts right.
The Sunday Herald has learned that after lengthy deliberations, a stunning earlier design, believed to have cost thousands of pounds, was turned down at the last minute because it breached heraldry regulations.
On a far lighter note, I just love the pomp and ceremony of all the military parades, heraldry , and regalia.
My purpose here is to explore the significance of this last assumption within the context of the social ideas and values reflected by heraldry in its early medieval days of vigorous development.
Down the street, in the former Kildare Street Club, there is a fine display of Irish coats of arms and heraldry but none of it is really explained or linked to historical places, people or events in any interesting way.