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henhouse / курятник
имя существительное
chicken coop, coop, henhouse, roost, hencoop, hennery
имя существительное
a small shed for keeping poultry in.
In the field were a henhouse , a tractor, and a small automobile.
Winter freezes, for example, could take a ferocious toll on the henhouse , which was her responsibility.
For many, many years since 1976, we have had the equivalent of the fox guarding the henhouse .
In the field were a henhouse , a tractor, and a small automobile.
The first time I found an egg in the henhouse , I almost crowed.
A nice lady in Missouri is sending me some eggs straight from her henhouse , so maybe poaching won't be the fraught five minutes it usually is; I've got farm fresh eggs!
He proceeds on alone, finds he has Alexander's papers in his pocket, panics, gets lost and has to spend the night in a henhouse .
Just then the door swings wide and his wife and daughter rush in, flushed, laden with eggs from the henhouse .
The egg carton explained that this egg came from the Columbian Blacktail hen, whose life inside a henhouse with ‘natural bedding and scratching materials encourage preening and dust bathing’.
My morning walk is usually a trip to the henhouse with a bucket of kitchen scraps which I fling, pausing for a few moments to admire the flock as they peck away.
There were voices and laughter inside, sometimes an occasional cough, but other than these murmurs, it was no more than an ordinary henhouse with its over talkative roosters and conversing chickens.