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henchman / ставленник, прихвостень, приспешник
имя существительное
henchman, creature
henchman, satellite, onhanger, hanger-on
page, henchman, footboy, page-boy, train-bearer
squire, armour-bearer, esquire, henchman, armiger, armor-bearer
имя существительное
a faithful follower or political supporter, especially one prepared to engage in crime or dishonest practices by way of service.
Half an hour later and Natalie had been kidnapped by evil henchmen whilst Daniel engaged in fierce battle.
They had one foot in the past when lawlessness featured independent gunmen and their henchman preying on society at their own will without regard to other outlaws.
A hit man who asks no questions and creates no trouble, Michael Sullivan is a loyal henchman to ageing Irish mobster John Rooney.
the dictator's henchman
And the central bankers of the world and their political henchmen are surely taking advantage of that fact.
On foot, we trade bullets with underworld henchmen and rival gangs.
David and his high-ranking henchmen had suites of rooms, while younger thieves like me usually shared rooms with others.
He galloped his horse to the north, followed by his henchmen and Wong's group.
Ray's henchmen are stock Italian mobsters, and their presence occasionally makes the movie seem like an ethnic joke.
It was also the scene of murders: mafia henchmen allegedly threw unfortunates who couldn't pay their debts from the seven-floor building.
Many feel even relieved to a certain extent that they no longer have to run after political leaders and their henchmen for payment.