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henceforth / отныне, впредь, в дальнейшем
henceforth, from now on
henceforth, in the future, from now on, henceforward, forward, forth
в дальнейшем
in the future, hereinafter, subsequently, later on, henceforth, below
с этого времени
henceforth, from this time forward, henceforward, thenceforth, thenceforward, from this time forth
с этих пор
henceforth, hence
from this time on or from that time on.
the company announced that it would henceforth charge royalties
Besides, even if a sensible plan is henceforth followed, it will only prevent future mistakes.
henceforth, parties which fail to get 5% of the vote will not be represented in parliament
The government dismissed the judgment and announced that, henceforth , it would not accept the jurisdiction of the court.
The ancient principle of divide and rule will henceforth be applied to British families.
Please recognize that they look stupid and think of them henceforth as lame.
Posts here will henceforth become briefer and/or more infrequent.
the company announced that it would henceforth charge royalties
Also I am having a party with my flatmate, who henceforth shall be referred to as Blondie.
He may not like it, and he may henceforth see me as ‘the enemy’, as politicians are wont to.
Annabel Goldie - bless her - may henceforth be addressed as Daisy Danderfluff of Willowbottom.