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hence / следовательно, отсюда, с этих пор
therefore, hence, consequently, accordingly, ergo, according
hence, thence, hereof
с этих пор
henceforth, hence
as a consequence; for this reason.
a stiff breeze and hence a high windchill
in the future (used after a period of time).
two years hence they might say something quite different
from here.
hence, be gone
The inaccuracies stimulate a lot of class discussion and hence facilitate a lot of learning.
Sleeping patterns may also be affected, hence the reason that young people go to bed later and get up later.
Rule of mob is deaf to the voices of reason, and hence the rule of mob must be stopped at all costs.
But that does not stop them being valid reasons and hence does not make following them any the less rational.
Of course, rates could rise, hence the reason fixing them makes sense for many people.
a stiff breeze and hence a high windchill
many vehicle journeys (and hence a lot of pollution) would be saved
Undernutrition is hence not only a consequence of poverty but also a cause.
Writing is often a means of release for me, hence the reason for this blog.
In the meanwhile a new drummer was broken in, hence the material that figures here.