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hemp / конопля, пенька, гашиш
имя существительное
hemp, cannabis
hashish, hemp, hash, hasheesh, pot, bhang
marijuana, marihuana, fu, pot, weed, hemp
rope, cord, string, line, tie, hemp
имя существительное
the cannabis plant, especially when grown for its fiber.
It's part of a long-running battle to get the Government to relax the restrictions on growing hemp for food and fibre.
Take a stoner to a hemp shop and he'll choose you the phattest bong; drop him in a Sports Authority and he'll come out doubly dazed and confused.
Joe closed his eyes as Ben wrapped the hemp binding over the protective padding on his right wrist, allowing the end to hang free.
I try to picture the Victorians who scaled this monolith with hemp ropes back when the motto was ‘The leader never falls.’
Although it remains illegal for almost all farmers to grow hemp in the United States, the crop has a long history of providing textiles, paper and oil.
The shop sells everything from clothing and magazines to pipes to rolling papers and hemp seeds.
From at least 500 BC to the mid-nineteenth century virtually all ships' sails were made from hemp .
Normally I start by introducing up to 6 pans of the hemp -based feed with a large bait dropper that is painted black to stop any flash scaring the fish.
Cosmetics and such can still be sold, provided that none of the hemp products in them can be absorbed by the body.
In the last few years, the hemp foods industry has exploded in size from less than $1 million a year to over $7 million in retail sales.
It was damnably uncomfortable, having a lump on one's head the size of a fist and tied with strong hemp rope.