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hemlock / тсуга, болиголов крапчатый, яд из болиголова
имя существительное
болиголов крапчатый
яд из болиголова
имя существительное
a highly poisonous European plant of the parsley family, with a purple-spotted stem, fernlike leaves, small white flowers, and an unpleasant smell.
They are the tap roots of a plant in the umbelliferae family which includes parsley, cow parsley and hemlock .
a coniferous North American tree with dark green foliage that is said to smell like hemlock when crushed, grown chiefly for timber and pulp production, and also grown in Europe as an ornamental.
Many of the needle evergreens including yew, arborvitae, hemlock , and incense cedar make fine hedges.
There was no asp, and no other evidence of suicide beyond the presence of three dead or dying women - no cup of hemlock , no dagger, no poisoned comb.
Socrates was condemned to death (poisoned by hemlock , so the legend goes) after his ‘Apologia’.
Condemned to die, he drank poison hemlock with noble calm and courage.
We all know that Socrates chose the hemlock … his real reason was that he considered exile an amputation of self.
Robert Boyle, the seventeenth century scientist, thought walking about on hemlock leaves all day was a fantastic way to cure the kittens.
In severe winter weather turkeys will frequent conifer stands such as hemlock , spruce, and pines where the temperature and wind are more tolerable.
The herb was celebrated by the ancient Greeks as an antidote for hemlock poisoning.
She frantically searched thorough her herb bags, looking for her hemlock .
In this one, a vicar dies of hemlock poisoning after having a meal at the home of a New Age herbalist in a very rural Lancashire village.
In the ‘Phaedo’, Socrates prepares to drink the hemlock .