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hemline / подол, нижний край одежды
имя существительное
skirt, skirts, lap, hemline
нижний край одежды
имя существительное
the level of the lower edge of a garment such as a skirt, dress, or coat.
a long jacket with a lowered hemline at the back
And then - to my complete horror - he placed his hand gently on my thigh, right below the hemline of my skirt.
My eyes rested on a magnificent strapless light blue dress with sequins dotting the hemline .
For lightweight fabrics, such as microfibers, I also recommend fusing interfacing around the bottom hemline of the coat as well.
a long jacket with a lowered hemline at the back
The drip-shape collar cut, exquisite embroidery in the hemline of the dress and the little ribbon in the coat express quality handicraft and pure chic.
Dragons on the neckline, at the wrists and at the hemline of the gown stare boldly outward.
Crafted from a blend of virgin wool, angora and polyamide, this classic pullover features a crew neckline and ribbed hemline .
Callie chose an off-the-shoulder black top with a flowing, knee-length black and white floral-printed skirt with an ruffled hemline .
Michelle, auditioning for a $200 role that involves cuddling in a singer's lap, is shown tugging her hemline lower down her thighs.
She put on a black strapless dress that showed just a hint of cleavage, clinging to her body before falling from her waist into a kerchief hemline .