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hemisphere / полушарие, гемисфера, сфера
имя существительное
hemisphere, semisphere
sphere, scope, area, realm, domain, hemisphere
region, area, field, domain, range, hemisphere
имя существительное
a half of a sphere.
The sculpture consists of an elliptical loop of steel, attached to which are spheres and hemispheres fashioned from strips of steel.
Their appearance could also be the result of tissue compression and developing injury in the contralateral hemisphere due to the expanding edema formation.
The fundamental difference between the out-going, waxing hemisphere aspects and the incoming, waning hemisphere aspects can readily be seen if we think of the cycle of the seasons or of the lunation cycle or the daily cycle.
In our hemisphere , areas of high barometric pressure, anticyclones, create winds which circulate anticlockwise.
They do both their thinking and acting with only the left brain hemisphere .
the left hemisphere plays a dominant role in the comprehension of language
A long plumb line, emerging from the bottom of the hemisphere , seems to suddenly drop, its tip a smaller, whirling cluster, reminiscent of the pooling and rippling of water.
Within the hemisphere , three brain regions work together to control reading.
And it's clear that this whole notion that the left hemisphere is the language hemisphere and the right hemisphere is a visual hemisphere cannot be applied to a rat, okay?
He says there is a clear southern-northern hemisphere divide.
The latitudinal studies involve seasonality near the equator and in each hemisphere .