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hem / кромка, кайма, подрубочный шов
имя существительное
edge, hem, flange, bead, selvedge, selvage
border, bordure, fringe, hem, edging, edge
подрубочный шов
file, hem
подрубочный рубец
file, hem
hem, fell
surround, compass, encircle, environ, enclose, hem
fringe, border, edge, enclose, welt, hem
имя существительное
the edge of a piece of cloth or clothing that has been turned under and sewn.
Top-stitched hems on denim garments tend to curl up to the outside.
turn under and sew the edge of (a piece of cloth or clothing).
Moreover, overlocking seams and hemming garments are not necessary because the fabric doesn't fray.
surround and restrict the space or movement of.
he was hemmed in by the tables
make a sound in the throat when hesitating or as a signal.
Ira hems , haws, stamps his feet, clears his throat.
used in writing to indicate a sound made when coughing or clearing the throat to attract someone's attention or express hesitation.
In truth I had slept about 3 hours and breakfast had been a pint of Stella - ah hem .
Blue panels are stitched around the sleeves and the hem of the dress.
Nicole pulled out a purple dress enlaced with pearls on the hem and neckline.
It features a left chest patch pocket, a clean front, and a shirttail hem .
the hem of her dress
she took up the hem
I could also repair some of his duds - hem his trousers, and so on.
I bent down, discreetly holding the hem of my mini dress as down as it would go, and rolled the empty can of paint remover under the car behind me.
In truth I had slept about 3 hours and breakfast had been a pint of Stella - ah hem .
It looked to be made of white silk and the hem and edges were embroidered with iridescent velvet.
Jane, if any one is about, come to the foot of the stairs and hem