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helvetic / швейцарский
имя прилагательное
Swiss, Helvetic, Helvetian
Caesar's account of the migration of the Helvetic tribes shows an entire population, hundreds of thousands strong, deliberately picking up and attempting to move from Switzerland to the Atlantic coast.
Large folds may form individual mountains such as in the Zagros, Appalachian, or Rocky mountain belts; or they can decorate the entire sides of mountains, as in the Helvetic nappes of the Swiss Alps.
In 1798 Holland and Switzerland had both become unitary and democratic republics, the Batavian and the Helvetic , under the patronage of the Directory.
In January 1798, meanwhile, a French-backed coup had overthrown the age-old government of the Swiss Confederation, substituting yet another ‘sister republic’, the Helvetic .
Without being aware of it for the most part, we live in a Helvetic experiment on a European scale.