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helping / порция, помощь
имя существительное
portion, serving, dose, helping, ration, feed
help, assistance, aid, support, assist, helping
имя прилагательное
helping, supporting, assistant, adjutant
имя существительное
a portion of food served to one person.
there will be enough for six to eight helpings
make it easier for (someone) to do something by offering one's services or resources.
Roger's companion helped him with the rent
serve someone with (food or drink).
she helped herself to a cookie
cannot or could not avoid.
he could not help laughing
Their favourite dish is cod and chips, served with a generous helping of salt and vinegar.
she asked for a second helping of spinach
The remains of my second helping of kielbasa and potato salad sat before me.
Their idea of compassion is to ask the guest at the millionaire's banquet if they want an extra helping or a second dessert.
The glass lifts rush up to the summit of this slim building at such a rate I regretted having a second helping of waffles with the obligatory maple syrup at breakfast.
Cafe Bistro serves up a healthy helping of a special summer salad.
He sat there, gloating as he ate his second helping of dessert.
The pâté, pleasingly thick with a hint of orange, was cheerfully presented and came with a healthy helping of salad and grapes.
Do we eat to live, or live, in part, to dig into that second helping of banana cream pie?
This is served with a helping of mashed potatoes, infused with onion for that unique cuisine taste.