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helot / илот, раб
имя существительное
slave, bondman, thrall, serf, bondservant, helot
имя существительное
a member of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta, intermediate in status between slaves and citizens.
Boeotia was agriculturally rich but had neither Athens' silver nor Sparta's helots .
Before the wolves can get him, however, he is rescued by a wise old shepherd and brought up as a helot , one of the aboriginal population the Spartans have enslaved.
Plato, for example, remarked that the helot system was the most controversial example of servitude in Greece.
Altogether, these papers provide a stimulating overview of the major questions, debates, and methodologies in current scholarship on helotage in one accessible volume.
Boeotia was agriculturally rich but had neither Athens' silver nor Sparta's helots .
By abandoning the effort, we are, in effect, implementing a new form of helotage .
He next persuaded Athens to send him with a large hoplite force to help Sparta against the helots , now in revolt.
The ultimate aim was to make South Africa a ‘white man's country’ built on black helots .
The new, networked society of global helots is here and now.
He urged him to abolish the prerogatives claimed by nobles and the helotism of all who were not noble, and suggested that judges should be appointed for life and justice rendered free of expense.
Compulsory labour takes a considerable variety of forms, today as in the past - debt bondage, clientship, peonage, helotage , serfdom, chattel slavery, and so on.