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helmet / шлем, каска, шапка
имя существительное
helmet, slam, helm, headpiece, casque, crest
helmet, hard hat
cap, hat, header, banner, bonnet, helmet
тропический шлем
topee, helmet, sun helmet, topi
имя существительное
a hard or padded protective hat, various types of which are worn by soldiers, police officers, firefighters, motorcyclists, athletes, and others.
Some hard hats and helmets have a face shield attached to them.
the arched upper part (galea) of the corolla in some flowers, especially those of the mint and orchid families.
a predatory mollusk with a squat heavy shell, living in tropical and temperate seas and preying chiefly on sea urchins.
Shell cameos had been popular in the sixteenth century, but it was in the nineteenth century that the art flourished, with the helmet shell and the queen conch shell judged the most suitable for cameo carving.
You could wear a cowboy hat, a bowl on your head, a straw hat, a sports helmet , or a rain hat.
Cyclists and motorcyclists should always wear a protective helmet and long sleeves.
The boom was loud enough to make my ears ring, even through the protective mufflers of the helmet .
He wore a one-piece motorcycle suit and a helmet with a blacked-out visor.
The only equipment protecting you is a motorcycle helmet and a leather body suit.
The players must be under 14 years old and must wear helmets and other protective gear.
A helmeted bike messenger with no teeth rallied a group of just-released felons at the job-search firm America Works a little over a year ago.
Finally, helmeted , belted and visored down, we're good to go.
Armed police with their distinctive navy blue bullet-proof vests and protective helmets joined other officers for regular briefings in their mobile office van.
Some wearing protective visored helmets , they gained the element of surprise by running down an alleyway towards the back of the block.