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helm / шлем, руль, штурвал
имя существительное
helmet, slam, helm, headpiece, casque, crest
rudder, helm
wheel, helm, steering wheel
рулевое колесо
steering wheel, wheel, helm
lead, guide, manage, direct, run, helm
lead, conduct, keep, guide, drive, helm
guide, head, direct, destine, route, helm
control, manage, run, drive, operate, helm
имя существительное
a tiller or wheel and any associated equipment for steering a ship or boat.
she stayed at the helm, alert for tankers
a helmet.
The riders stopped and one lifted the visor of his helm .
steer (a boat or ship).
The good captain Steve helms an excellent ship.
Just a few feet in front of her she could see a hooded figure manning the helm of the ship.
The guard looked forlorn beneath the shallow visor of his helm , but he nodded resolutely.
I am confident that she will provide strong leadership at the helm and I wish her the very best.
the chairman is to step down after four years at the helm
She ran back and forth between the prow and the helm , repeating orders simply because she forgot she had issued them.
they are family-run empires whose founders remain at the helm
They reined up next to the young travelers, and the point rider raised the visor on his helm as he looked down to them.
the second mate took the helm
Gill had announced earlier this week that he wouldn't be contesting to retain his position at the helm of Indian hockey.
The wheelhouse contains the helm , navigation equipment and the galley with seating for a few small bums.