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helluva / адский, чертовский
имя прилагательное
hellish, infernal, diabolical, helluva, devilish, Stygian
damn, devilish, fucking, helluva, damned, plaguy
Last year, one of the other writers who worked on the show sold his Xerox of my bible on eBay for a helluva lot of money.
If we're going to be one people, we all - especially pakeha - have a helluva lot of learning to do.
And what Curtis has to say is a helluva lot more interesting than what Michael Moore had to say.
But when I tried to put my finger on it… they actually had a helluva lot in common.
Larry's wife, Sarah, is now one of my closest friends (and one helluva good cook).
By the end he was drinking a helluva lot - a bottle of vodka after each show.
The world is in a helluva mess and it is going to get worse before it gets better.
Seriously though, Rudolf must have had one helluva hangover this morning.
Shea is an outstanding writer and a helluva defender of the faith.
Harold Bloom, the Yale professor and literary critic, has been on a helluva roll.