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hello / здороваться, звать, окликать
greet, hello, salute, hallo, hullo, bow
call, invite, shout, hail, hallo, hello
hail, holler, call, challenge, speak, hello
имя существительное
greeting, welcome, salute, salutation, hello, hail
приветственный возглас
hallo, halloa, hello, viva
возглас удивления
hallo, halloa, hello
имя существительное
an utterance of “hello”; a greeting.
she was getting polite nods and hellos from people
used as a greeting or to begin a telephone conversation.
hello there, Katie!
say or shout “hello”; greet someone.
‘Hi Kirsten,’ he helloed , obviously calling me Kirsten on purpose.
My local Chinese shop owner always greets me with a big smile and a friendly hello !
She must have been really stupid to have mimicked me… I mean, hello !
Ric's upset when he finds out that Alf returned from the USA the day before and didn't even say hello !
With little more than a hello , I began to reread the letter that was in my hand.
You are supposed to be able to keep up with my voice, hello !
she refused and, hello, I'm her manager!
I mean, not that we have that all the time, coz hello !
Okay, so maybe costs rose by more than 1% in that period, and maybe sales dropped earlier in the year, but hello !
Over the last two days I have been flooded with porn site IMs… hello !
I was stunned and I said I'm surprised anyone says hello to me ever in the mall or in the store after reading that.