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hellhole / адская бездна, гадкое помещение, притон
имя существительное
адская бездна
гадкое помещение
den, stash, shebang, haunt, dive, hellhole
имя существительное
an oppressive or unbearable place.
After finishing my overcooked greasy pork slab, I wandered over to the smoking area to indulge in the only vice still allowed to us here in this hellhole and fired up my customary after-dinner stogie.
Have the American people decided that hellhole of a country is a lost cause?
Are you assuming I give you special treatment over any of the other jerks that attend this hellhole ?
During the orientation picnic, kegs of beer flowed, faculty and students drank together, and I wondered what kind of hellhole I had stumbled into.
He declined and ended up spending more than five years in that hellhole .
Is it your goal in life to work in this hellhole until you leave the earth?
Finally, after cramming my head full of rubbish about factorizing, grammar, human hearts and colors it's time to leave this hellhole called high school.
‘Guess I'll spend one more night in this hellhole ,’ he said, walking back down the road into the city.
We need to see why the Marines needed to be sent into that hellhole .
They know that I mean well, even if I end up depicting our region as some sort of hellhole .
And I'll drive away and be free of this hellhole .